सीमेट (CMET)

Centre for Medical Education and Technology - CMET
AIIMS Bhopal is in process of establishing a centre of excellence in Medical education and Technology – C MET with aim to create a centre for excellence in medical education technology to support, evaluate and thus enhance the educational standards of all health-related programs for health professionals and to orient the direction of medical education to keep pace with current global trends in medical education that include teaching, training skill impartation and evaluation.
  1. To produce original teaching material, training aids and IT tools to facilitate medical education
  2. To facilitate faculty and staff professional development in teaching and learning
  3. To act as key advisory in curriculum development for innovations in medical education and review
  4. To promote research in medical education
  5. To provide technological expertise for effective use of audio-visual aids and for the production of relevant teaching and learning materials
  6. To act as a centre for collection and distribution of educational materials produced in-house or at other clinical training sites for possible use and adaptation.
Proposed subdivisions
  • Teaching learning section
  • Curriculum design section
  • Educational research section
  • To promote research in medical education
  • Professional development section
  • E learning section – Deals with various aspects of e-learning
  • Medical illustration section
CMET Activities