आंतरिक शिकायत समिति


An Internal Complaints Committee committed towards prevention of sexual harassment at work place as per provisions of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, Redressal) Act 2013 is operative at AIIMS Bhopal, with the following aims:
  • To ensure that no female employee (including permanent, temporary, ad-hoc and contractual employees) or female students are subjected to gender specific discrimination or sexual harassment.
  • To provide a platform for all individuals to register a complaint if they are subjected to any act of sexual harassment at work place.
  • To investigate and recommend action against individuals found guilty of harassment.
  • To facilitate a gender-sensitive and congenial working environment at AIIMS Bhopal so that female staff members and students can work in an atmosphere free of gender specific discrimination.

What is Sexual Harrasment

The Supreme Court guidelines define sexual harassment to include:
  • Physical contact and advances
  • Demand or request for sexual favors
  • Sexually colored remarks
  • Display of pornography
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature (including voyeurism and stalking)

Sexual Harassment takes place if a person:
  • Subjects another person to an unwelcome act of physical intimacy, like grabbing, brushing, touching, pinching etc.
  • Makes an unwelcome demand or request (whether directly or by implication) for sexual favors from another person, and further makes it a condition for employment/payment of wages/increment/promotion etc
  • Makes an unwelcome remark with sexual connotations, like sexually explicit compliments/cracking loud jokes with sexual connotations/ making sexist remarks etc.
  • Shows a person any sexually explicit visual material, in the form of pictures/cartoons/pin-ups/calendars/screen savers on computers/any offensive written material/pornographic e-mails, etc.
  • A Engages in any other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, which could be verbal, or even non-verbal, like staring to make the other person uncomfortable, making offensive gestures, kissing sounds, etc.

It is important to protest against any behavior that you find uncomfortable, harassing, unwanted, and unacceptable.


  If you are being harassed, this is what you can do
  • Don"t feel a sense of shame. Tell the harasser clearly that you find his behaviour offensive.
  • Don"t ignore the harassment in the hope that it will stop on its own. Come forward and complain.
  • Talk to somebody you trust about the harassment. It will not only give you strength but also help others in similar situations to come forward and complain.
  • Keep a record of all incidents of sexual harassment in a notebook. If you feel the need to register a formal complaint later, this record will be helpful.

The Institute strongly condemns such behaviour and advices all its staff members and students not to indulge in any such activity. The Internal Complaints Committee shall take proactive measures to ensure that victims and witnesses are not victimized or discriminated because of their complaint.


How to lodge a complaint
  • You can talk to /write to /email / telephone any member of the Internal complaints committee
  • Alternatively send an email to icc@aiimsbhopal.edu.in

 To work without harassment is our fundamental right.

YOU CAN CONTACT US AT - icc@aiimsbhopal.edu.in

Committee members 

Name of the members
Email ID
Contact No.
Dr. Vaishali Waindeskar ,
Professor & Head (Anaesthesiology)

Dr. Roshan Sutar, Assistant Professor (Psychiatry)Memberroshan.psy[at]aiimsbhopal.edu.in

Dr. Sheetal Kotgirwar,
Professor (Anatomy)

Dr. Ranjana Pandey,
Medical Officer (Ayurveda)

Shri Mayank Kapoor, 
Senior Administrative Officer

Shri Trivesh Goswami, Law Officer

Mrs. Suchithra P., Assistant Nursing Supdt.

Dr. Renu Handa
External Member

Dr. Jyoti Nath Modi,
Professor (Obs & Gyn) – 
Member Secretary

Your complaint will be kept confidential.